Neuman/Schoenbaum Family Photographs

On 27 November 2001 my grandmother, Anka (Anna) Neuman, passed away.  She was 93.  She had a collection of family photographs - her parents, her siblings, and  more.  She had her favorite photos on the wall of her bedroom, where she could look at them every day.

Most of the people in these photographs are dead.  Their families live on four continents - in the U.S., the Czech Republic, New Zealand, and Chile.  I will make copies of these photographs for family members.  Let me know what you would like. 

The years had not been kind to these photographs.  Here are the results of my restoration project on these photographs.

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  1. You may know John Lekner as father or brother.  I know him as my Grandmother's nephew, and that is how he is identified in the photographs.

  2. Some of the family history here is painful.  It is the family history as I remember it from my Grandmother's stories, with help from my mother.  Please correct my knowledge, or add to it.

  3. I hope to add more photographs to this collection over time.  If you have photographs that should be shown here, please let me know.

  4. I have included a few photographs of my mother's generation:  my mother, Jarmila Held-Kovell, and her cousin (Anka's niece), Carol Hylton.

  5. Click on the original to see the restoration side-by-side.  Click on the restored image to see it in more detail.